Which Car Models Depreciate the Least?

Cars tend to be an item that we buy, use for a temporary amount of time and then either resell or trade in for a new car leasing deals and auto lease specials. It runs in almost an endless cycle, but there are some ways to tweak the system. One of those options is to consider the resale value of the car. This can often be done by just choosing a car that tends to depreciate slower than the others.

There is no doubt that all cars depreciate. In fact, the moment we drive them off of the car lot, we are going to lose a considerable amount of money. That applies to any vehicle, but if you buy a new vehicle, the immediate depreciation is considerably larger. That is why many people will opt for the purchase of a used vehicle. They still drop in price given time but at a much slower rate compared to a new car. It is relative in that case.

That being said, there are also certain vehicles that just tend to hold onto their value better than others. These cars are a good choice for those that tend to cycle through cars every few years. In the end, they can save you some money.

The top vehicles with the lease depreciation include the Skoda Yeti, Morgan Plus 4, Lotus 2-Eleven, Morgan Roadster V6 and the Audi Q5.

As you can tell, these cars are not all within reach of all vehicle owners, so how can you improve on the value of your vehicle? The best things you can do is to buy a quality used car that is close to new, drive it well, treat is properly and keep up the maintenance. It will be worth more when you trade it in.