Four Celebrity Chefs Who Needed Bail

I'm sorry but those cute eyes aren't going to get you out of this!

I’m sorry but those cute eyes aren’t going to get you out of this!

There are all sort of reasons why an ordinary person may have gotten arrested, there are also various reasons why a celebrity chef may get arrested as well and sometimes those reasons go beyond mere domestic violence, drunk driving etc. There have been some celebrity chefs who have gotten arrested for things such as insider trading, hiring a hit-man and even child pornography.

Here are a few celebrity chefs who have had a run in with the law:

1. Gordon Ramsay

Renowned chef and TV star Gordon Ramsay was arrested in 2002 after driving his BMW through a one way street in central London the wrong way. He was charged with driving under the influence but resolved the case without needing to appear in court.

2. Martha Stewart

In the early 2000s, this was probably the largest celebrity news story. After selling shares of the ImClone stock the day prior to the company announcing negative news after which she lied to prosecutors on the subject. She was sentenced to five years at Federal Prison Camp, Alderson, five months of house arrest, another two years on probation and a fine of $30,000 for insider trading.

3. Morgan Wilson

Runner up of Bravo┬┤s Top Chef: Just Desserts season one, pastry chef Morgan Wilson from Dallas was charged in 2012 with not one, but three second degree felony charges for possession with intent to at least promote child pornography. After posting $10,000 bail he was released and no information was provided as to how he was sentenced.

4. Juan Carlos Cruz

Former host of the shows Calorie Commando and Weighing in on Food Network, Juan Carlos Cruz allegedly offered homeless men $1000 dollars to kill his wife in 2010. He was arrested and later that same year was sentenced to nine years in prison which he is currently serving in the California Correctional Institution located in Tehachapi.

These are just a few of the many celebrity chefs who have had a run in with the law. As you can see some crimes were minor and others a lot more serious. Goes to show that even with a fancy career and title, there are still those who have no problem recklessly breaking the law.