Which Car Models Depreciate the Least?

Cars tend to be an item that we buy, use for a temporary amount of time and then either resell or trade in for a new car leasing deals and auto lease specials. It runs in almost an endless cycle, but there are some ways to tweak the system. One of those options is to consider the resale value of the car. This can often be done by just choosing a car that tends to depreciate slower than the others.

There is no doubt that all cars depreciate. In fact, the moment we drive them off of the car lot, we are going to lose a considerable amount of money. That applies to any vehicle, but if you buy a new vehicle, the immediate depreciation is considerably larger. That is why many people will opt for the purchase of a used vehicle. They still drop in price given time but at a much slower rate compared to a new car. It is relative in that case.

That being said, there are also certain vehicles that just tend to hold onto their value better than others. These cars are a good choice for those that tend to cycle through cars every few years. In the end, they can save you some money.

The top vehicles with the lease depreciation include the Skoda Yeti, Morgan Plus 4, Lotus 2-Eleven, Morgan Roadster V6 and the Audi Q5.

As you can tell, these cars are not all within reach of all vehicle owners, so how can you improve on the value of your vehicle? The best things you can do is to buy a quality used car that is close to new, drive it well, treat is properly and keep up the maintenance. It will be worth more when you trade it in.

Four Celebrity Chefs Who Needed Bail

I'm sorry but those cute eyes aren't going to get you out of this!

I’m sorry but those cute eyes aren’t going to get you out of this!

There are all sort of reasons why an ordinary person may have gotten arrested, there are also various reasons why a celebrity chef may get arrested as well and sometimes those reasons go beyond mere domestic violence, drunk driving etc. There have been some celebrity chefs who have gotten arrested for things such as insider trading, hiring a hit-man and even child pornography.

Here are a few celebrity chefs who have had a run in with the law:

1. Gordon Ramsay

Renowned chef and TV star Gordon Ramsay was arrested in 2002 after driving his BMW through a one way street in central London the wrong way. He was charged with driving under the influence but resolved the case without needing to appear in court.

2. Martha Stewart

In the early 2000s, this was probably the largest celebrity news story. After selling shares of the ImClone stock the day prior to the company announcing negative news after which she lied to prosecutors on the subject. She was sentenced to five years at Federal Prison Camp, Alderson, five months of house arrest, another two years on probation and a fine of $30,000 for insider trading.

3. Morgan Wilson

Runner up of Bravo┬┤s Top Chef: Just Desserts season one, pastry chef Morgan Wilson from Dallas was charged in 2012 with not one, but three second degree felony charges for possession with intent to at least promote child pornography. After posting $10,000 bail he was released and no information was provided as to how he was sentenced.

4. Juan Carlos Cruz

Former host of the shows Calorie Commando and Weighing in on Food Network, Juan Carlos Cruz allegedly offered homeless men $1000 dollars to kill his wife in 2010. He was arrested and later that same year was sentenced to nine years in prison which he is currently serving in the California Correctional Institution located in Tehachapi.

These are just a few of the many celebrity chefs who have had a run in with the law. As you can see some crimes were minor and others a lot more serious. Goes to show that even with a fancy career and title, there are still those who have no problem recklessly breaking the law.

Should You Use Edible Flowers As A Garnish?

If you’re a gardener, you’ve likely heard that you can indeed eat some of the flowers that you grow. Flowers aren’t just for looks, they also make a delicious garnish for your favorite foods.

Many cooks, like the ones at I Forgot It’s Wednesday have made a clever presentation by including edible flowers in their presentation. It’s not unheard of and it’s not really as unusual as you may think.

If you’re looking for a way to reflect your individual personality you may wish to consider adding in some edible flowers for your salads and entrees.

The dandelion, in all of its lowly glory, is a prime example of a flower that is edible. You’ll be amazed that you can use dandelions for wine, tea and for the flowers that are found in abundance in many people’s yards.

Not only are the dandelions themselves edible, but the greens are also edible making this annoying weed that is found prolifically in many yards an ideal addition to your salads and dinners.

Elderberries have long been known to improve health. They are also ideal for cooking and eating raw and cooked. With a taste that is similar to honey, you’re sure to love the additional flavor that elderberries can impart to your next meal.

Lavender not only smells lovely, it’s also an ideal addition to your next glass of lemonade. You’ll be amazed at how this delicate flower can impart a delicious flavor to your next glass of lemonade. Consider some lavender in your next latte as well. Lavender imparts a delicate flavor and is a lovely addition to any dessert or beverage.

Now that you know that many flowers are edible, and you have three prime examples above, you can explore what other flowers are edible and decide if you want them for a garnish. Once you’ve tried them in your cooking, you’ll want to use them time and again.

If you are a fan of vegetables, many of the flowers they produce are also edible. See more in this video below:

Do You Wonder If Your Restaurant Should Use Round Dishes Versus Square Dishes?

Do you ever stop and wonder if your restaurant should use round dishes instead of square dishes for serving patrons their food? There is something of a backlash within the cooking and restaurant communities of the Western world against square dishes and establishments that use them, so much discussion is taking place in the various circles that analyze and critique eateries.

Some critics of square dishes are rather savage in their commentary, suggesting that restaurants use them in the same ways that hotels might offer beds with black sheets or mirrors hanging from the ceiling. The attempt is to appear cutting edge, trendy, or somehow modern in style. A number of restaurant critics worry that square dishes are chefs trying to gloss over their substandard or overcooked food.

While that is unlikely the case or thinking behind every restaurant that chooses square dishes over round ones, there are a number of advantages that round dishes have over their square counterparts.

The consumer experience is certainly a primary consideration of any business that needs repeat business in order to succeed, and most restaurants fall into this category. Round plates simply do not take up as much space on a restaurant table, and that leaves room between plates for utensils, beverages, condiments, and even smartphones. Round plates also let portions of various food servings and menu items group together without getting messy in the middle or leaving empty space in the corners, making a plate of food appear abundant and filling.

Waitstaff can save space on their trays by putting beverages, condiments, and even side dishes in the spaces freed up by not having square dishes touching along all edges. Square dishes are also more likely to break if dropped on a corner, and round dishes survive trips through dish-washing machines a lot easier.

The choice is up to your restaurant, but round dishes do have a number of advantages over square ones.

The Essentials

If you want to be a good at what you do, you need to have the proper tools. A painter needs his paint brushes, a sculptor needs his clay, and a food stylist needs these essentials in order to make the most out their presentations.